Some of our students!Within our department, you will find a caring faculty dedicated to the success of its students, both inside and outside of the academic arena. Students at all levels experience the benefits of individual attention and encouragement, fostered by a small student-to-teacher ratio and a loving Christian atmosphere. At the same time, students are challenged to meet and exceed their potential, as the department is firmly committed to the preparation of superior teachers, mathematicians, and computer scientists for the 21st century.

Please feel free to browse these pages and learn more about the department, our faculty, and student programs. If you have any questions or would like more information, don’t hesitate to contact me. Thank you for your interest in OBU Mathematics and Computer Science!

Dr. Jeffery D. Sykes, Department Chair

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Graph Theory coming this spring!

In Spring 2013, Dr. Sykes will be teaching Graph Theory in the upper-level mathematics Special Topics course.  This is an area of mathematics that developed out of the desire to solve puzzles such as the famous Bridges of Konigsberg problem.  Featuring ideas that are both intuitive to justify and incredibly useful to apply, Graph Theory has become one of the most interesting and popular areas of mathematics.  Its results are used heavily in computer science and in applications that arise in the physical, life, and social sciences.  If you’re looking for a mathematics elective, Graph Theory could be a fantastic option!